Where can I find more detailed information on fraud, waste, and abuse and whistleblower protections?

31 United States Code (USC) 3729-3733

Federal False Claims Act:

Click to access 2005usc31.pdf

31 USC Chapter 38

Federal administrative remedies for false claims and statements:

Click to access 2005usc31.pdf

42 USC 1320a-7b

Federal definition of fraud, waste, and abuse: (see page 1827)

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 74.09.230

State penalties for false statements, fraud:

Chapter 388-502A Washington Administrative Code (WAC)

State provider audits and appeals:

RCW 43.70.075

State whistleblower protection:

RCW 49.60.210

State unfair practice to retaliate against whistleblower:

King County Code Title 3, §3.42

King County Code, Whistleblower Protections for county employees:
King County Office of Citizen Complaints – Ombudsman (for county

Click to access whistleblowerp.pdf


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