Less than 1% Recover in King County mental health

King County Mental Health is mandated to analyze treatment and recovery outcomes on an annual basis. The 2001 “wellness” report is a damning indictment of the failure of psychiatric treatment generally. Patient benefit was measured, in part, in terms of being less dependent upon the mental health system, progress toward recovery, improved self ‐esteem and enhanced quality of life.” Recovered meant “is engaged in volunteer work, or pursuing educational or vocational activities, or employed full or part ‐time, or engaged in other culturally appropriate activities, and lives in independent or supported housing.”

Of 9,302 patients serviced, less than 1% recovered, only 25% were less dependent and 75% remained dependent.

However, in the “recovery category,” when determined how many patients “progressed, regressed, or remained unchanged,” less than 1% progressed. 1

Psychiatrists do not have any scientific or medical test to diagnose a person’s condition and rely upon faulty observation and opinion of behavior. They admit to not knowing the cause of a single mental disorder or how to cure them. The error in their opinions is enormous—they condemn the innocent, release the dangerous, induce violence in others through drugs and commit people who are not in need of help or turn those away who may genuinely be in need of it.

1 KING COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AND HUMAN SERVICES, Mental Health, Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services Division King County Ordinance # 13974, Second Annual Report: Recovery Model, 2001, pp. 3-5.

For more information – Lack of Recovery – King County, WSIPP

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